BMX Boy 1.7

Addictive BMX game for Android


  • Nice graphics
  • Pretty challenging
  • Tricks and acrobatics


  • Controls are clunky
  • No long-term interest


BMX Boy is a surprisingly challenging free BMX game for Android.

Why challenging? Well, BMX Boy looks pretty cute, with rounded characters and a seemingly simple control method. Pres the left arrow to accelerate, right to jump, collect as many prizes as possible. Simple, right?

In reality though, BMX Boy is going to make you work a little harder. The courses are littered with obstacles to hinder your progress, and if you fail to make a jump or come off your bike more than three times, you're out. Luckily, there are frequent checkpoints, so you don't always have to head back to the very start. BMX Boy offers three levels, each of which are unlocked as you move through the game.

The main problem with BMX Boy are the controls. They look simple enough, but the instructions to "push" on the left arrow to move forward are inaccurate - you have to tap constantly, to get the speed necessary to make larger jumps. This constant tapping gets tiring after a while, and may well put some people off.

If you can get beyond the clunky controls, though, BMX Boy is an excellent timewaster than will keep you entertained for hours!



BMX Boy 1.7

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